Friday, May 6, 2011

beach wedding look.

This look i have done for my very good friend Bonnie who is getting married in Key West soon!!  Congrats to her!! 


foundation:  Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
blush:  MAC "instant chic" (limited edition...a matte pink/peach)
highlight:  Dior Amberdiamond
powder:  a light dusting of MUF translucent powder through the t-zone area
bronzer: Bare Minerals Faux Tan


Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC painterly paint pot all over
MAC gleam shadow on the very inner 1/3 near the tear duct
MAC all that glitters shadow on inner half of the lid
MAC woodwinked shadow on the very outer 1/3 of the lid
MAC soft brown shadow on the crease
MAC handwritten shadow lightly used to define the crease
MAC vanilla shadow as highlight under the brow bone
MAC pencil in "i get no kick" on waterline. (limited edition, but any light beige/peach liner will 
  makes your eyes look wider)
Bobbi Brown gel liner in espresso ink on upper lash line (you can use black if you prefer, just make sure
   it's a very thin line)
Estee Lauder Turbolash mascara, with Maybelline "the falsies" over top, and Givenchy Phenomenon on 
  outer corners. (a lot, i know...but i didn't have false lashes on me...i would suggest those by far for a 
Clinique's bottom lashes mascara on lower lashes


MAC subculture lip liner used to line and fill in lips (any lip liner will do as long as it's close to your 
  natural lip color) unless of course you are doing a dark or bright lip
Lancome's Daisy Rose lipstick (limited edition, it's a neutral pink with slight gold glimmer)
MAC Wonderstruck lipglass on bottom center of lip


Avoid any form of spf or sunscreen in anything you put on your face, it will flash back in photography 
  and cause your face to look ghostly white! not good.
Avoid any glitter of any kind!! Natural light is unforgiving and it will cause your face to look like a
  disco ball.  Use shimmer on just your eye lid, and a few key places on face...the high points of your
  cheekbones and a bit on your cupid's bow (area where your upper lip dips down)
Use matte shadows everywhere but eye lid (if you want to of course) and a bit under the brow bone or
  in the tear duct is fine too
Use false lashes.  but....make sure they are real! any synthetic materials can actually cast a light in flash
  photography.  You can use just small lashes on the outer corners, you don't have to use a full strip.
  of course you do not have to use lashes at all if you prefer...just really pack on the mascara....oh and
  make sure the mascara is waterproof!!!
If you chose to wear lip gloss make sure it's a very light coating or try it just in the bottom center of your
  lips.  if you put on too much you will look like you are drooling in photos. haha.
As said above, natural light is very unforgiving on skin, but try not to pack on the foundation.  Use one
  that allows your skin to still be skin but covers imperfections.  and make sure your concealer also does
  not have any spf. 

Have a lovely Wedding Bon Bon!!! xxoo

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

eye color series. blue eyes.

This is the first in my eye color series.  I get a lot of questions asking me about eye color and which shadows would make each individual color really stand out.  A great way to play around with this is to head to a paint store and grab yourself a color wheel.  Whatever your eye color is, just look across to the opposite side of the wheel and that color will be the one that will make your eyes pop!  It's a simple idea but when doing it yourself it can become confusing at times.  Thus, this series!  I'll also be posting some recommendations of shadows that will help you along with doing this.  Hope you enjoy!! 

Blue Eyes;
the type of shadow coloring that is going to make blue eyes stand out would be anything in the yellow/orange family.  This also makes it's way out to golds, browns, coppers, and even reds.  But keep in mind if you have blue eyes you can wear blue shadow...just try to stay away from a blue that is the exact match to your own eye color, unless you are going for a monochromatic look. 


foundation: Chanel VitaLumiere in #41 "Natural Beige"
blush: NARS Deep Throat
powder: MUF Duo Mat Powder in #209
highlight: MAC melon pigment
bronzer: Guerlain Terracota Bronzer in #2


Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC paint pot in coral crepe (limited edition)..any coral/peach would do
Clinique's "pretty in prints" compact (still available for a limited time...i suggest you go out and pick one up, it's a great buy!)
    the light peach shade on the lid, neutral light brown in the crease and on outer 1/3 of the lid, dark brown used to define the crease a bit more and used on lower lash line, highlight shade used under the brow   (this compact also comes with a great light peach/pink blusher)
MAC melon pigment used on the inner tear duct
Stila peach pencil used on water line 
MAC coffee pencil used on the outer third of upper lash line
Tarte's "lights camera lashes" mascara with Estee Lauder's "turbolash" used over top for extra length


MAC subculture liner used to line and fill in lips
Estee Lauder's Crystal Baby lipstick
Laura Mercier's Bellini lipgloss over top