Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Martin Family

This week I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for the Martin Family.  I have known all three sisters for a couple years now, and have worked with all of them at some point.  Hannah, Karly, and Rani are all such wonderful people that there was no surprise that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  I had a wonderful day with this lovely family.  Here is some of what we came back with after a beautiful Fall day at Bernheim...

Our roots say we're sisters, and our hearts say we're friends.

Monday, October 3, 2011


This past weekend I took the senior pictures for the lovely Miss Hali. It's not hard to see why her mother, Traci, loves this girl oh so very much. She is beyond beautiful, with a bubbly personality, and just a touch of diva. Haha. Hali was super laid back and once she got the hang of things there was no problem bringing out the inner top model of this girl! I had a wonderful day with their family! Here's to Hali's senior year, and to her amazing future...I have no doubt she will shine bright. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Last week I did a shoot with the gorgeous Katy. As somewhat of a tomboy this was a far cry from the usual for her, but she was up for anything.  Katy is someone who you can spend an entire day with and not get the least bit bored.  She is laid back, funny, and as you can see beautiful, but without even knowing it...which of course makes her more so....hah.  I am so happy with what we came back with, and though someone may have left their keys in the Falls of the Ohio bathroom, lending to a 50 dollar cab ride (sigh) ...it was well worth it. Thanks Katy! You pretty much rock. :D

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Courtney and Aaron

This week I had the pleasure of doing the engagement photos of my friend from work Courtney, and her fiance Aaron.  These two aren't your normal couple, in the span of a year they have taken on more responsibility than some do in a lifetime.  They have a beautiful baby girl together, Emmie, (whom i hope to take some pictures of very soon...hint hint ;)..and closed on their first house the day of this shoot!  Though mature beyond their years they still are young and have a fun relationship that i can see is based on not just love and commitment, but humor, and that utter silliness you only have when you can really be yourself around someone.  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, laugher, and L.O.V.E.  Congrats!

"Love is being stupid together."
~Paul Valery~